The Difference Between Law and Grace

Certainly you’re not here to read more about what you already know doesn’t work. So let me offer something fresh that does.

Truly, God has only held each person accountable to the two original laws –the ones given in the garden. He presents them as two trees –both known by their fruit. (And Paul wrote about them extensively in Romans.)

We’ll get to the purpose of the other laws shortly. In the meantime, let me explain the importance of these…

God told both Adam and Eve about the trees in the middle of the garden while they were still united –she hadn’t been taken out of Adam yet. First, He identified the tree of life as though planting a memory of what would be crucial later. Then He warned about the other, basically saying “Don’t eat the fruit from the tree of death –don’t become a judge of good and evil. When you do, you will elevate yourself and become separated from Me –you will die” (from Genesis 2:16-17).

By eating that fruit, Eve revealed that she had already ousted God from His role as The Judge. She would determine for herself what was good and what was evil. (Yes, Adam followed her. You might want to read why in Adam and Eve.) Upon realizing that they were no longer righteous, they hid –they separated themselves from Him– just as He anticipated.

We are born into that predicament –separated from God– and there’s only one remedy. It’s represented by eating the fruit of the tree of life. Jesus was referring to Himself as that tree when He said “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day” (from John 6:51-58).

The laws embodied by those two trees could be stated as 1) “Come to Me for life, I am the only source.” And 2) “When you realize that you have elevated yourself to be equal with Me, you will also see that you are dead without Me.” Those two laws –along with the ones that came later– were established to show us that God loves us so much that He provided the Remedy long before for our condition became a reality.

Does this ring true so far –even though you’re asking “Then why are there so many do’s and don’ts in the Bible?” Read on…